Beginner English Course


An advanced student understands English tenses, understands most common grammatical structures and possesses a well developed vocabulary.


TheLearn to Speak and Understand English Online. Interactive Voice Chat Tuition. Personal Tutor. Lessons at Surf 2 School Advanced course covers New Interchange 3

After your free Virtual Lesson
you choose a Course Stream …
How much does it cost?
A complete Course is only $500 Canadian
(and you can pay in monthly installments)
Course Streams
Standard Intensive
Cost $500 Canadian $500 Canadian
Monthly Installment Canadian $165 Canadian $250
Discount if you buy your own books Canadian $100 Canadian $100
Virtual Lessons per Week 2 lessons 3 lessons
Total Netmeeting Lessons 24 lessons 24 lessons
Duration (Months) approximately 4 months 2 months
New Interchange
Student’s Text Book included
yes yes
New Interchange
Workbook included
yes yes
New Interchange
Audio CD’s included
yes yes
Certificate Issued on Successful Completion yes yes

Tuition fees can be paid in installments or
you will get a 10% discount if the fee is paid in full
when you start your Course Stream

Each lesson consists of:

  • 1 full hour in a live, online Net-meeting Virtual Lesson with your teacher,
  • plus listening, reading and writing exercises and
  • homework that you do on your own at home.
  • When you have paid for your course you will receive FREE:

  • The New Interchange 3 Student’s book
  • The New Interchange 3 Workbook
  • The New Interchange 3 Student