Top 10 Tips to Score Better in GRE

1. Prepare your list of target universities


Each and every university will have different criteria score based on the GRE exam. Before you start preparing for the GRE exam, make a list of your target universities and plan your GRE schedule according to that. If you want to get an admission in top universities, you need to score higher. Adding to that, after the completion of the GRE exam, you will be asked to choose four universities. Instead of deciding at the very moment, figure that before you start preparing for GRE. This will be very helpful.

2. Don’t travel alone to the exam center.

This may sound a bit silly, but trust me it isn’t. If you travel alone, you will be surrounded by the thoughts of the exam which will make you feel nervous. This will directly impact on your exam. If you travel with your friend, a simple conversation will ease your mind and you will stay relaxed.

3. Don’t study till the last minute.


No, you aren’t getting any extra score, if you study until the last minute. This will only add more pressure to your mind. Study all you want until the day before your exam day. On the exam day, stay relaxed. Worrying about the exam won’t get you anywhere.

4. Be aware of the rules.

Go through the mock tests of the exam so that you will come to know about the rules of the exam. Also, the software will be the same of the mock tests. So get used to it. It will definitely save you few minutes of times and loads of hassle. Also, try to learn the shortcuts of the software.

5. Make a schedule.


It is extremely important to make a schedule. If you aiming to score for 300+, it is advised to start the preparation before 4 months. If you start the preparation before one month of the exam date, you will only end up with the average score. So plan well and score the best.

6. Concentrate on one publication materials.

Students who are preparing for GRE usually gather all the books related to GRE. No, you don’t need all of them. Books published by ETS are enough for the GRE preparation. If you are done with this and have extra time, only then go for extra materials.

7. Analyze your mistakes.

Analyze your mistakes

Practice numeral practice tests and analyze them. Identify the sections you are weak and dedicate few more hours to that particular sections. By following this way, you can score the best in the exam.

8. Get to know various tactics of the exam.

Remember that GRE is a choose the correct answer type exam and the exam officials won’t care about the process of how you got the answer. The only thing that matters is the correct answer. You don’t need to solve the question to get the correct answer. There are other ways too. The process of elimination, guessing the answer is few of them. Get to know them. They will come in handy in case if you unable to solve the exam.

9. Answer easy questions first

Doing this will do you a huge favor. Answer all the easy questions first. Don’t get struck by the difficult question you face in the early minutes of the exam. Doing that will only eat away your exam minutes. Once you are done with answering all the easy questions, then go for the tough questions.

10. Stick to your methods

No matter the difficulty level of the questions, stick to your methods you practiced before. GRE quantitative may contain the difficult questions. But don’t ever try to answer them in different approach because it will only waste your time.