Tips to score 320 + in your GRE exam

A 320 plus GRE score is what you should target as a test
taker for this exam in order to get an admission to your dream institution. You
need to be at the top in the score scale of 130-170 in both verbal and
quantitative reasoning sections. This will enable you to go to a good college.
Hard work and mock tests will help you attain that goal. The following points
will be of great help in attaining a high score in GRE;

1-Getting an access to a good GRE prep book

For you to have a high score in GRE you need to have an access to quality prep materials. Invest in a good GRE prep book and use platforms such as QS leap. Sign up on this platform to get free GRE prep. Try to get all materials from ETS.

2-Be mindful in GRE preparation-


When studying ensure that you stay focused on avoiding distraction like smartphones. They will make you spend more of your time in them and spend less time in your studies. Try and use this approach in your preparation for GRE preparation. It is a popular
concept across the whole world.

3-Discover your weakness-

You should know your weakness and
try to spend more time to work on it. Keep in mind that everyone has a weakness
but if you discover it in good time it won’t affect your performance.

4-Capitalize more on your strengths-

Good test takers know
their strength and take advantage of it. When you come across a question from
your strong area solve it quickly to create more time for the tough questions.


5-Stay motivated-

There are those days that you will get
bored of revising then take a break but do not waste a lot of time.Keep in
mind that after the GRE exam you will have all the time for your hobbies
.Ensure that you stay motivated throughout the GRE course and you will get
yourself a good reward after the exam.

6-Use practice tests-

practice tests help you identify your
strengths and weaknesses. Polish on your time management skill through them and
they will be the best approach for you to have a good score. Use these tests in
your early GRE preparation and it will be of great help.

7-Avoid carelessness-

Many test takers miss out their desired
programs just because they miss just a few points in their GRE exam. Make sure
that you double check your answers and calculations in the exam room to avoid