English Courses

In our English courses, we use New Interchange
English for international communication
by Jack C. Richards

published by CAMBRIDGE

“new interchange” is a multi-level course in English as a second or foreign language for young adults and adults. The course covers the four skills of

  • listening
  • speaking
  • reading and
  • writing
  • as well as improving pronunciation and building vocabulary. Particular emphasis is placed on listening and speaking.

    The primary goal of the course is to teach communicative competence, that is, the ability to communicate in English according to the situation, purpose and roles of the participants

    The language used in the course is American English, however the course reflects the fact that English is the major language of international communication and is not limited to any

  • country
  • religion or
  • culture
  • “new interchange” deals with contemporary topics that are of high interest and relevance to students. “new interchange” units are integrated, multi-skilled syllabus that links topics, communicative functions and grammar.

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