Learn English by talking with a person – not a computer!

Surf 2 School was one of only 4 internet English schools selected to be featured in the article “Feel comfortable with your English” on page 106 in the April 1999 edition the premier French business magazine, and is the only one to offer face to face, live interactive audio and video English lessons.

Learn to Speak English Online

Using Microsoft Netmeeting you see and hear your teacher talk with you personally in every lesson. The best way to learn to

  • speak English
  • understand spoken English and
  • pronounce English like a native speaker
    is through conversation with an on-line English tutor

How to prepare for Java interview

Anywhere in the World

You learn North American English from teachers at our Canadian academy connected to you in your home or office via the Internet.

Your Teacher is University Qualified

Your teacher has recognised training in teaching English as a Second/Foreign language and hands on classroom experience.

Virtual Lessons – Using the Latest Technology

  • Voice chat – audio and video conferencing with Microsoft Netmeeting
  • Conference – multi-person audio conference server
  • Streaming media – online homework using Microsoft Media Player
  • Document sharing – data conferencing with Microsoft Netmeeeting
  • Internet – 56K dialup is all you need (but faster is better)

Receive an Official Certificate

Pass your course and receive an official certificate, printed on parchment, signed, sealed and sent to you in the mail.

How do I Start?

Enroll/Register and make an appointment to meet your teacher for your free lessons. It’s Easy!