Welcome to Surf 2 School

Learning English has never been this easy. Whereever you are in the world Surf 2 SchoolTM offers you the possibility to learn English interactively using the latest technology and the latest trends in teaching English.

Surf 2 SchoolTM has the best professional teachers. Learn English from a teacher with a University Degree with a major in Education and hands on classroom experience.

Surf 2 SchoolTM “Brings the Classroom to your Desktop”TM

Explore the Surf 2 SchoolTM Website for all the information you need about available courses and about the internet and computer technology you will need to learn English online. Click on the Enroll button at the top of any Surf 2 SchoolTM page to start your Surf 2 SchoolTM .

Surf 2 SchoolTM is the School of the 21st Century. It brings the teacher, school and classroom right to your desk, no matter where in the world that desk might be.

Our goal at Surf 2 SchoolTM is for you to learn English at all levels of proficiency starting with a beginners course, through intermediate to advanced.

Surf 2 SchoolTM takes pride in employing educated and experienced teachers who deliver their classes with complete expertise and full understanding of their students needs.

At Surf 2 SchoolTM you will talk to a real native English speaking teacher who will teach you through direct interaction to speak english and to understand spoken english. In online interactive conversations you will practice your vocabulary and pronunciation. You will practice and improve your accent in spoken English by talking with, listening to and learning from your teacher online.

Using a digital video camera you will be able to see and be seen by your teacher in an online video conference as you learn. Your teacher will be able to watch you as you speak English and you can watch your teacher speak English. This is important for a number of reasons:

  • Your teacher will be able to see why you are having problems with some of your English pronunciation
  • You will be able to watch your teacher pronounce difficult English words
  • Feedback is immediate – helping you to learn faster and better
  • Your teacher will be able to see when you are having difficulty and suggest different ways for you to pronounce or speak English words
  • this will help your spoken English accent and
  • help you learn to communicate better in English
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